Metanet Software Inc
Based in Toronto, Ontario

Founding date:
March 2001


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We love games, and make games that we love.


The early days

We are Mare Sheppard and Raigan Burns. We met in Java programming 101 at the University of Toronto, and since we both hated software programming, but loved games, we immediately hit it off. We spent lots of time playing games together, mostly freeware games from Home of the Underdogs, Soldat, Puchiwara, Zone Runner and all the abandonware we could get our hands on. As we played, we started to realise that many of the games we were playing were made by small teams. The seed of making games was planted, but we didn't know how to grow it yet. Universities didn't do games back then, and the scene was nothing like it is now: it was very hard to meet anyone who shared your interests locally. Later in University, we met Jon Mak, of Queasy Games, in another programming course. He showed us 8 games he'd made all on his own, which was incredibly awesome. We talked about games, what we liked, disliked, what we wanted to do, our concerns -- he had just imagined getting a job somewhere, we got him thinking about contemporary freeware and people making games on their own, his accomplishments inspired us to try making games too. It really started to sink in for all of us: maybe we actually could do this.

The evolution of N

We took the things we liked from the games we'd been playing, added a few experiments we'd been working on inspired by various papers, plus a rough idea of a game, and worked on it over the course of a year or so. It started to really pull together in 2004, going from a stealth action game to an arcade action game where the goal was to get through levels by performing deft acrobatics as you evade enemies and collect gold. That game was N. It was our first game, and was more popular than we could have ever imagined. Over the years we worked on several other projects, coming back to N with N+ (XBLA, 2008), and an update to N, v2.0, in 2013. We're now working on N++ for PS4 which will be the best, and last, game in the series. Find out more by clicking "N++" below:



N v2.0 Launch Trailer Vimeo



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Awards & Recognition

  • "N++: Canadian Video Game Awards Fans Choice for Best Game" - Toronto, ON, 2015
  • "N++: IndieCade Special Recognition Award" - Culver City, CA, 2014
  • "N+: PopVox Award 2008" - Vancouver, BC, 2008
  • "N: IGF 2006 Audience Choice Award" - San Francisco, California, 2006
  • "N: 2005 Slamdance Guerrilla Games Competition Audience Award for Best Game" - Park City, Utah, 2005

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Team & Repeating Collaborators

Mare Sheppard
Programmer, Designer

Raigan Burns
Programmer, Designer

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